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Oco Crew Brand & Design

I launched Oco Crew as a side project to help generate donations to support effective climate work. Oco Crew's mission is to make it as easy as possible for people to help fight climate change. For the new Oco Crew website, I have designed the website from scratch including all page layouts, user journeys, illustrations and animations.

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Oco Crew Landing Page

Match My Email Rebrand

Match My Email is a small software company providing some of the best tools for automated email and calendar sync with Salesforce. For this project, I defined their brand by redesigning their logo, and setting brand colors and typography. I defined the information architecture and built out page designs for all pages on desktop and mobile. I solved experience problems across the website, such as a clearer pricing story on the pricing page.

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The Mirror Website

This project was for Designlab's UX Academy and included a full website build from start to finish. Fictional company, Mirror is a clothing brand known for affordability and quality. Based on feedback from in-store customers for an online shopping experience, I researched and mapped out a web design from scratch for Mirror.

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I'm Ben Sterne, a data analyst-turned UX designer.

Currently, I am studying UX design through Designlab's UX Academy. With support from UX design mentors in the field, I have gained a strong understanding of every part of UX/UI design from user research to interaction design to visual design principles. I am continually focused on creating solutions that are meaningful for people. I recently took a leap into the field of UX design as I have always loved design and have had growing interest in web design and qualitative analysis.

I have taken what I have learned from my past experience in data and UX design to create a meaningful climate experience for the Oco Crew, a clearer experience for software company, Match My Email and more. When I am not working, I am at the beach or rock climbing.



UX Designer, Match My Email
Founder, Oco Crew
Data Analyst, Sonos


UX/UI Design
User Research
Data Analytics

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The Goal

The objective of this project was to conduct a comprehensive research-driven approach to create an online shopping experience Mirror customers will love.

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis was done looking at top U.S. ecommerce clothing retail brands.

Clear layout - great hierarchy and spacingIntuitive filtersBranding is minimalist and premium
UI is a bit boringEach nav item has a ton of sub-options.Branding isn’t particularly memorable.

Good fashion photographySimple layout - good alignment and hierarchyGreat product page design
Does not come off as premiumSpacing is a bit offBusy navigation drop-down

Cool video contentUnique type and brandClean brand
Nav is confusingFilters are confusing

Woman Smiling

User Research

Four user research interviews were conducted to understand what Mirror’s audience did and did not like about online shopping experiences.

Key Insights
People’s favorite online clothing stores were easy and felt standard and streamlined.So shoppers can sort through large selections of garments, good filtering and sorting appear to be a critical feature.All respondent’s favorite online shopping website had flaws/shortcomings.The clothing itself was the focal point of the online shopping experience.People tend to enjoy perusing their favorite online store.

Persona Development

A persona was developed of the Mirror online shopper that isanalytical and cost-conscious.


In this storyboard, our persona Mary has to get a dress for an upcoming barbeque. This story incorporates social media, advertising and the website in Mary's path to buying a dress from Mirror.

User Flow Example

I created a user flow thinking through user experience for users who enter through the home page but keeping in mind other entry points for the website such as product pages and product list pages.

See full user flow here

Information Architecture

A simple and flat sitemap was designed to make navigation clear and keep associated clothing categories grouped together.


Based on the research, wireframes were developed to plan the user’s experience. Download annotated wireframe

Mirror Style Tile

Mirror UI Kit

UI Designs

Based on the work and research above and lots of mentor feedback, UI designs were designed focused on a clear user experience, an emphasis on affordability, targeted towards a broad audience.

Usability Testing

After UI designs were sketched out for all major screens, a prototype was created in Invision to let participants who match our persona test the experience of the website.

Key Insights
It was not clear enough how to navigating through different clothing categories.Reviews were overly prominent on the product pages.Shipping and returns information was confusing to users.

Next Steps

Following revisions based on the last usability test, next steps include:
Feedback and design iterations with the client.Create a production-ready design, checking all UI details.Plan for web analytics to see the effectiveness of the designs.Create design system for design team to use.